No Full Marathon at Earth Rock Run for 2015

Earth Rock Run Logo

In looking around planning out races for next year, I found news that the Earth Rock Run race for 2015 will only feature a half marathon, no full marathon option.

Last year was the inaugural race promising live music, good foods and a pretty flat course to qualify for Boston. It ended up raining last year and while it delivered on the first 2 promises it was hardly a flat course even for New England. It was generally rolling hills until larger steep climbs at miles 10, 12, 23 and 25 on the two loop course. It made for a fast descent into the finish, but the hills were not appreciated that late in the race, especially when running into the back of the half marathon at that point.

They don't say why exactly, but they'll only offer the half marathon this year. I'm guessing it's for sheer time reasons as it's tough to ask volunteers and police to be out on course long enough to see through all the full marathoners.

While it wasn't the fast qualifying course I hoped for, it was fun, and I'll consider doing the half marathon depending what else ends up on the calendar next year.